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Acoustic and Electrical Pain Stimulation - A Healing Practice

Acoustic and Electrical Pain Stimulation – A Healing Practice

Chronic pain: a promising combination therapy presented

A US research team recently presented a new combination therapy that has great potential to treat chronic pain she has. Treatment begins electrical stimulation in association with It seems.

looking for University of Minnesota You have one as part of the current study A new treatment for pain been tested. The method is based on a combination of acoustic and electrical stimulation and is specifically aimed at relieving pain in people with various chronic and neurological diseases. The results were recently published inJournal of Neuroengineering” Foot.

A new approach to chronic pain

A research group from the University of Minnesota discovered that electrical stimulation associated with sound causes what is called somatosensory cortex Brain activation. The research results indicate that the technology for Treatment of chronic pain and other sensory disorders even.

So far, the new treatment has only been tested on animals. Clinical trials in humans will now also be conducted.

The area of ​​the brain responsible for feeling pain is activated

The tests have already yielded promising results in guinea pigs. animals were with broadband ringtones Sonication while different parts of the body have been electrically stimulated or with needles.

Through the combined treatment she was in guinea pigs Neurons in the somatosensory cortex are activated. This area of ​​the brain for Sensations of touch and pain Responsible all over the body.

Treatment can be carried out with percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation devices

The team believes that treatment with . may be possible Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) devices can be implemented. TENS devices are already available in drugstores or other specialty stores.

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The working group hopes that the results will lead to an easy-to-implement treatment for pain that is safe and easily accessible and can support or, at best, replace pharmacological seeding.

Reduce the use of painkillers

“Chronic pain is a huge problem for many people, and most of the time it cannot be adequately treated.”the study’s lead author confirms Corey Glockner.

“We are currently trying to treat the pain with opioids, among other things.”Glockner continues. But opioids can be highly addictive, and it’s an already widespread problem in the United States.

According to Gloeckner, a medical device that stimulates acoustic and electrical impulses can be offered at low cost.

The approach can be supplemented with music therapy

The researchers now want to take this approach one step further music therapy To see if the somatosensory cortex can be stimulated further.

Many people with chronic pain already have good experiences with electrical stimulation or acupuncture. “Our research shows that when you combine this with sound, the brain becomes more active.”The head of the studies department adds: Professor Hubert Lim finally. (FP)

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