May 22, 2024

A Scottish stone for the British King?

to charge. Ash Regan, one of the three candidates to succeed Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, said the so-called coronation stone should not be brought to London from Scotland for the coronation on May 6. She said the sandstone block, also known as the brownie stone or pot-stone, should remain in its “rightful place” in the northern part of Britain.

The coronation stone is a symbol of the Scottish monarchy. It was taken from King Edward I of Scotland in 1296 and installed on a new throne in London and has been used at all coronation ceremonies since then, including that of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. Since then it has been on display at Edinburgh Castle. However, it will be used at the coronation of Charles and Queen Camilla.

“I appreciate the tradition of using the Stone of Destiny at coronations, but I think it should remain in Scotland as an ancient symbol of our national heritage,” the SNP’s Regan told the Scottish Mail on Sunday. However, a compromise is possible: in accordance with this, the part of the coronation for which the stone is necessary could be done in Scotland. “This will be a fitting tribute to the importance of the stone in Scottish history while still upholding the United Kingdom’s tradition of crowns,” said Regan, referring to the historic union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland.

The SNP supports independence for Scotland from the United Kingdom and is currently seeking a successor to party and government leader Sturgeon. In addition to Reagan, Finance Minister Kate Forbes and Health Minister Hamza Yusuf are also running. The decision must be made by March 27.

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