June 20, 2024

Queen Mom's crown would be a difficult inheritance.  Unique diamonds are very controversial.  Whether Camila wants to be crowned is another question (photo montage)

A fight over Camilla’s crown before the coronation

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Dispute over 105 carats. The world-famous Koh-i-Noor diamond on the crown of the Queen Mother excites nations. How about the idea of ​​putting this masterpiece on Camila?

London – on the 6th of May King Charles III (73) was solemnly presented the insignia of his reign over Great Britain. Camilla (75) will be crowned queen at his side. When it was first discussed that Camilla should also receive a tiara, it was tentatively agreed that she would be adorned with the tiara of the late Queen Mother (101, 2002), reports mailplus.

The sparkling stumbling block is the world-famous Koh-i-Noor diamond

Queen Mom’s crown would be a difficult inheritance. Unique diamonds are very controversial. Whether Camila wants to be crowned with this is another question (photo montage). © alliance / dpa (12/05/1937) & Liam McBurn / dpa

This priceless gem is set with 2,800 diamonds, with a front cross bearing the famous 105-carat Koh-i-Noor diamond, one of the largest cut diamonds in the world. Ongoing controversy casts a shadow over the property. Many countries, besides India as the country of origin of the stone, make claims. Among the royals, he performs it loudly daily Mail to “big nervous”.

There will be two ways to defuse the situation: The gem is in a removable platinum setting and can be removed from the crown before use. The other option is to completely abandon the controversial tiara and go with a simpler tiara. The tiara of Queen Victoria (81, 1901) would be appropriate for this.

Koh Noor Diamond

Koh-i-Noor (Persian for “Mountain of Light”), also known as Kohinoor and Koh-i-Nur, is one of the largest cut diamonds in the world, weighing 105.6 carats (21.12 grams), according to Wikipedia. It is part of the UK’s crown jewels. Diamonds are currently studded in the Queen Mother’s crown.

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According to legend, the stone was first mined in the Kolor Mine in India during the Kakatiya Dynasty, who kept it in the Bhadrakali Temple in Warangal. The first verifiable mention of diamonds dates back to the 1740s.

The diamond is on display today to the public at the Jewelery House in the Tower of London. The governments of India, Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan have claimed Koh Noor and have demanded its return since India gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1947. The UK government insists that the gem was obtained legally under the recent Treaty of Lahore and rejects the allegations.

King Charles wants to avoid conflicts with many countries

In any case, King Charles is very sensitive to political sensitivities. While the diamond has always been said to have been “gifted” to Britain, critics point out that it wasn’t until the ten-year-old heir to the Punjabi throne was captured and forced to sign it.

In fact, the tiara was made in 1937 for Queen Elizabeth, wife of King George VI. (56, 1952) mother of the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) using several stones from the Royal Collection. Most of the diamonds were taken from Queen Victoria’s royal diadem. The palace declined to comment on Camilla’s tiara. Sources used: mailplus.co.uk, dailymail.co.uk, en.wikipedia.org