June 23, 2024

Bethesda beerdigt den Bethesda.Net Launcher - und wechselt zu Steam (Abbildung: Zenimax)

Zenimax stops launching Betheda.Net and goes to Steam

Bethesda is burying the Bethesda.Net Launcher — and it’s moving to Steam (Photo: Zenimax)

One year after the Microsoft acquisition was completed, Bethesda is retiring from the Bethesda.Net launchpad and moving to…Steam!

Nor can Bethesda.Net Launcher for Windows Download: The free tool allows you to buy, manage and update Bethesda games for PC like fallout 76And the Indignity 2, eternal torment or Evil Within 2. Other publishers also have such “launchers” in their range.

That’s enough of it: From the beginning of April, purchased games, including virtual game currency (“wallet”) and friend lists, can be transferred from the Bethesda.Net player to Steam. The same applies to saved games, although a manual transfer may be necessary here, for example by copying them to a specific folder.

Access to the Bethesda.Net player is still possible until May – after which you will not be able to use games through this program.

Many addresses and services still require a Bethesda.Net account. There is more information In the official instructions – role play fallout 76 he is Dedicate a separate chapter.

In September 2020, Microsoft announced the purchase of Bethesda announce – In March 2021, the acquisition was officially completed. Bethesda domain meanwhile Part of Xbox Game Pass.