March 3, 2024

Zelenskyj: will only protect Ukraine

Zelenskyj: will only protect Ukraine

Harris: Gives an accurate script for the Russian invasion

The US Vice President also found clear words at the Munich Security Conference this morning: Expect unprecedented sanctions if Russia invades Ukraine. Harris said there was a precise script for the Russian occupation. Part of that script is to create a false excuse for invasion. It also includes lies, misinformation and propaganda.

Harris said the United States would stand by its allies in Eastern Europe. He emphasized the importance of Section 5 in the NATO Agreement: “It is sacred.” Section Five regulates the so-called coalition case. This happens when one of the NATO partners is attacked. Then other NATO members must support the attacked member and fight for it.

“Protect every part of NATO”

“As President Joe Biden said: Our troops will not be sent to fight in Ukraine, but they will defend every part of NATO.”

Despite all tensions, Harris reiterated that the United States is open to a diplomatic settlement with Russia. But if this diplomacy is at a standstill, one is prepared for harsh responses, Harris told the Munich Security Conference.

Harris threatens Russia with tough sanctions

“I can say with absolute certainty that if Russia continues to occupy Ukraine, we, the United States, along with our allies and partners, will set significant and unprecedented economic prices,” Harris said. Together the two have produced fast, difficult and integrated economic measures.

He talks about export restrictions and restrictions. One wants to attack Russia’s key businesses – especially those who are complicit in the conflict, according to the US Vice President. Apparently often, Harris emphasizes the strength of Atlantic community. The United States often hesitates the EU – but this time there is no sign of criticism. The message is clear: the West is united.

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