ZDF opens its media archive to science

Photo: © ZDF / Corporate Design

Knowledge for All: A new project is the preparation of archival data from ZDF for science and research in a clear and transparent manner.

As part of the “E-Research Technologies” program funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), a search interface will be created over the next two years, through which the scientific community can search for data from ZDF TV archives online in the future. ZDF Media Archive works closely with file Leipzig University Library together.

This new research option is being developed by the University of Leipzig Library. Because it has great efficiency in the field of search engines via media. It also runs a specialized information service for media studies, communications and films “adlr.link”, where interested parties are currently searching three million data records for literature, audiovisual media, and online resources. However, it is not necessary to start the entire University of Leipzig library from scratch for the ZDF media archive, since metadata is mainly used as a database. These come from software magazines and EPGs (Electronic Program Guides) or have already been published in the info channel. In addition, this data complements or supports existing ZDF archive databases.

“In the age of media, radio archives have become a form of media memory without which contemporary history can no longer be told.” This confirms ZDF Director Dr. Thomas Bellot. “The ZDF Foundation recognizes this responsibility and has therefore been committed for many years to giving science and research, but also the public, access to its archive materials within the framework of legal possibilities.”

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