Youtube wants to expand advertising further

Anyone watching YouTube on TV will soon have to adjust to a new feature. Ads should also play when the video is paused.

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There was a time when you could still watch videos online without the hassle of commercial breaks. Meanwhile, this is hardly possible – unless you pay. Youtube now wants to expand its advertising range even further.

Archive - January 19, 2017, Bavaria, Bamberg: The image shows a shadow in front of the YouTube logo.  (to dpa

If you want to watch YouTube without paying, you have to watch more and more ads.Photo: DPA

For a long time now, there have been more or less amateur clips on YouTube, but also series and other formats that have been produced in a very sophisticated and high-quality way. As a result, many people are watching YouTube more and more on TV.

As with broadcasting in a web browser, advertising on YouTube also works on TV – except for YouTube Premium subscribers. When the streaming service is on TV, the ad duration should be increased from 15 to 30 seconds. This was announced by YouTube’s parent company, Google, at a “Youtube Brandcast” event.

This doesn’t change actual viewing much – because instead of two 15-second clips, only one 30-second clip plays. You can’t skip ads, and that’s really the case.

The ad plays even though the video has paused

But what’s new: In the future, ads will also be played when a video is paused. The current stream should then be displayed in a small window, and the advertisement should run all the way. You should be able to turn it off if you need to. However, the new advertising strategy may be broken if, for example, you pause your broadcast due to a phone call, but then the ad plays.

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It is not yet known when Youtube plans to implement the new strategy. If you don’t want to advertise, you can get the premium subscription – or install an ad blocker while you still can.

Because Google is currently testing a feature that recognizes ad blockers. Users are then required to disable the blocker or pay to use the service without ads. (t-online)


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