April 25, 2024

You see white Mallorca

You see white Mallorca

Hail Covers Sand at Cala Agulla Beach: Parts of the popular holiday island of Mallorca were briefly transformed into a white winter landscape by a violent hailstorm.

Photo: dpa

If you want to escape the Swiss autumn in Mallorca right now, you’ll encounter a surprise: parts of the holiday island have been transformed into a white winter landscape by a violent hailstorm.

Cala Rajada in Mallorca on Thursday showed a rare photo: the village on the eastern tip of the island presented itself entirely in white, the reason being the hail that, according to various reports, hit the holiday island. Although some hailstones have reached the size of a tomato, there shouldn’t be any significant damage. Only a few parachutes weren’t up to the rarity loads.

The splendor of white did not last long, but torrential rain and temperatures of about 14 degrees allowed the accumulated hail to melt quickly on Thursday, writes the newspaper “Majorca Zeitung”. At the Capdepera Lighthouse, 20 liters of water were measured per square meter within ten minutes.

Heavy rain, strong winds and strong waves are also expected on Friday and the coming days. There were even warnings of the so-called “Medicine”, a low-lying hurricane-like storm in the tropics, only in the Mediterranean. According to experts, storms over the Mediterranean are becoming more frequent and violent due to climate change. Only from Wednesday can temperatures rise again to 20 degrees.

With materials from dpa news agency