Yorkshire Terrier protects a ten-year-old girl from a wolves attack

The family dog ​​protects a ten-year-old girl from the attack of wolves

Yorkshire Terrier Macy has to recover from larger wolf bites, but soon she’ll be healthy again (avatar)

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In the Canadian capital of Toronto, a Yorkshire Terrier has protected its ten-year-old owner from a wolf attack. Little bitch Missy now needs surgery.

This article first appeared on RTL.de.

A surveillance camera shows the dangerous situation in which the little girl, Lily Kwan, and her dog are in. The ten-year-old is walking the Yorkshire Terrier when she is suddenly chased by a wolf. The wild animal is aggressive, it is clear that it is in search of food. In Toronto, Canada, where Lily Cowan lives with her family, posters and social media have been warning about wolves for several days.

Yorkshire Terrier Macy is having a fight with a wolf

Then the wolf attacks the girl while she is walking. Her little dog Missy defends the ten-year-old with all her might – Lily is able to escape.

The weight of the Yorkshire terrier usually reaches three kilograms, and the coyote often weighs more than ten kilograms. So Messi takes on a much bigger and heavier animal.

Owner Lilly said in an interview: “I ran to the sidewalk and started screaming for help, but no one heard me. I saw the wolf and it tried to attack me and my dog. I ran and rang the bell and knocked on the doors. A neighbor let me in.”

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The dog needs surgery

Lily is proud of her dog: “Messi is a very brave dog. I love her so much.”

Yorkshire Terrier will need surgery after the attack and recover from wolf bites. But the vet gives hope that the little four-legged friend will recover quickly. Lily’s mother is very grateful to Massey: “She’s our little heroine,” said Dorothy Kwan.


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