YB starts the new season with zero

In the first leg of the second round of qualifying for the Champions League away from home, Young Boys scored 0-0 against record-breaking Slovakian champion Slovan Bratislava.

It was a match without any highlights. Both teams hit once on goal in 90 minutes.

Since the away goals rule has been abolished, a 0-0 score can be considered the result of the first half of a match over 180 minutes. The second ninety minutes will be held next Wednesday in Wankdorf.

The Slovaks, whose starting lineup included players from seven countries, had to allow themselves to clearly dominate in the first half. However, they gave Byrne few chances. Or in other words: YB got caught up in the attack.

The match then was similar to last year’s Champions League qualifying game for a while, when Berners’ side were suddenly allowed to be pushed back by Danish champions Midtjylland after a good first half and eventually lost out clearly. However, at that time, only one game was decided on progress. The Slovaks, who rarely showed themselves in the first half, pressed after the break and made two threats in front of David von Palmos’ goal. But in this match, YB freed himself from the pressure. Since the middle of the second half, Bernese has once again been the decisive team. In injury time, substitute Marvin Spielman failed with a centimeter attempt.

Wagner at first without experiments

The youngsters in Bratislava competed with a lot of players who played in yellow and black last season. However, it was unmistakable that the entire team was still missing a lot after a two-month hiatus from the competition, first and foremost.

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Any new coach would prefer to start the season with a permanent competition in the championship. Because it is always measured immediately on the results of the knockout matches, where there is a lot or everything at a very early stage. For Gerardo Siwan’s successor, David Wagner, the match in Bratislava went well. Until the return leg in Berne, he will still be able to lead his team into the Premier League match.


Slovan Bratislava – Young Boys 0:0

1200 spectators. – SR Kavanagh (England).

Slovan Bratislava: You see. Medvedev (30. Bauchek), Kashia, Pozhikov, D. Marco; de Camps (92. lychee); Kafrik (74. Drazic), Kankawa, Weiss, Zumrahal (92. arch); Ratau (74. hente).

Young Boys: von Palmos Hefti (79. Maceiras), Camara, Zesiger, Garcia (84. Lefort); Mumi Njamalio (84 Spellman), Ibecher, Ciro, Elia; Mambebe (55 Fassnacht), Sepacho.

Notes: Retired Medvedev injured in Slovan Bratislava. Young Boys without Lustenburger, Nesmi, Slimani, Mayer and Montero (all injured). Warnings: 38. Sepacho (Foul) 51. Ebecher (Fault) 54. De Campes (Foul) 59. Camara (Vol) 86. Lefort (Fault).

The first stop on the live broadcast

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