July 15, 2024

Xiaomi showcases Smart Blender with OLED display and X10 + robot vacuum

Xiaomi showcases Smart Blender with OLED display and X10 + robot vacuum

Xiaomi smart home appliances

Photo: Xiaomi

Xiaomi introduces new smart home appliances, including the Xiaomi X10 + hybrid vacuum robot with suction station and the Xiaomi Smart Blender.

At a launch event in Munich today, Xiaomi is showing off some new products, some of which are already available in China and now coming to Europe. In a separate post, we have already brought you several devices such as the Redmi Pad, the Redmi Buds 4 (Pro), and the Xiaomi Band 7 Pro. But there is also news for smart home enthusiasts.

Previously sold under the Mijia brand, Xiaomi has already launched several home appliances with smart functions. In our editorial office, for example, we already have xiaomi smart kettle kettle and Mi Smart Scale 2 been tested. with the xiaomi smart blender Smart kitchen equipment is slowly becoming more and more complete.

subordinate xiaomi mixer with one OLED rotary knob Equipped with which it is possible to select the operating mode and read information such as the remaining time of the current mixing process. At different levels, the blender should be able to process soft fruits as well as nuts or ice cream. about Xiaomi Home App A timetable can be set. Each person must decide for himself whether the remote control for something as fun as mixing juice is a useful addition to everyday life.

Xiaomi X10 +: a hybrid robot with an automatic suction station

However, it has proven to be much more vacuum robot: With the X10 +, Xiaomi launched a new model with an extension Fully automatic self drying station Delivered. The station sucks the dust inside you 2.5 liter dust bag Clean and dry X10 wiper pads and refill with fresh water. After a short pause, he can Robot for cleaning floors and vacuuming So immediately proceeded with his tour, overall a 5200 mAh battery Up to 2 hours of operation passes.

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Photo: Xiaomi

The Xiaomi X10+ can also be controlled via the Xiaomi Home app, you can here Restricted timetables and areas Determine. You know? laser distance sensors And the functions of artificial intelligence, obstacles must be recognized and avoided. When bypassing the carpet, the wiper pads are automatically raised.

Pricing and availability of the Xiaomi Smart Blender and the Xiaomi X10+ vacuum robot are not yet known.


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