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Xhaka scores twice – when he leaves? Everton holds the class

Granit Xhaka received a standing ovation when he was substituted.Photo: www.imago-images.de

In the final round of the English Premier League, two teams were determined from relegation: Leicester City and Leeds United. Granit Xhaka scored two early goals in Arsenal’s victory.

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Premier League

Shaka’s double blow

In what might be his last game for Arsenal, Granit Xhaka scored twice. The Swiss captain scored both goals to make it 1-0 and 2-0 against Wolverhampton Wanderers in less than four minutes.

1-0 Arsenal: Granit Xhaka (11).Video: streamja

2-0 Arsenal: Granit Xhaka (14).Video: streamja

Xhaka’s contract with the Gunners extends for another season. But the 30-year-old is likely to return to the Bundesliga and sign for Bayer 04 Leverkusen. The current season has been the highest scoring person for the midfielder, who has been given a slightly more attacking role than before. In all competitions, Xhaka scored nine goals for the English runners-up.

Against Wolverhampton, Arsenal won an undisputed victory at home. Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Jesus and Jacob Kuyor were the other scorers in the 5-0 win.

Arsenal 5-0 Wolverhampton (3-0)
Goals: 11. Xhaka 1-0. 14. Xhaka 2-0. 27. Saka 3-0. 58. Jesus 4:0. 78 Qiwer 5-0. Notes: Arsenal with Xhaka (up to 75).

The decision is in the basement

Abdoulaye Doucoure is the name of the man who carries the blue part of Liverpool at his feet. Thanks to a defensive midfielder scoring a half-volley from the edge of the penalty area, Everton beat Bournemouth 1-0 and stayed in line. The Toffees, who will move to a new home at Bramley-Moore Docks within a year, have been in the Premier League without a break since 1954.

Not so for Leicester City. A 2-1 home win over West Ham United was no good for the 2016 champions. Leeds United were also relegated to the Championship after losing their home match against Tottenham Hotspur 4-1.

defeat mr

In Manchester City, the focus was on the upcoming finals in the FA Cup (against Manchester United) and the Champions League (against Inter Milan). Pep Guardiola has rested many stars, including top scorer Erling Haaland and Swiss defender Manuel Akanji. So there was a 0-1 defeat at Brentford, it was the fifth defeat this season.

1-0 Brentford: Ethan Pinnock (85).Video: streamja

Brentford 1-0 Manchester City (0-0)
Goal: 86. Pennock 1-0. Notes: Manchester City without Akanji (injured).

New manager for Chelsea

Argentine Mauricio Pochettino has signed a three-year contract with Chelsea, according to the media. Accordingly, he should start his job at Stamford Bridge next week and stay until the summer of 2026. Pochettino’s official presentation is expected in the coming days. The 51-year-old, who coached Southampton and Tottenham in the Premier League, has been without a job since leaving Paris Saint-Germain last summer.

FILE - Manager Mauricio Pochettino watches the UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg match between Tottenham Hotspur and Ajax at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, on April 30, 201...

Soon in London: Mauricio Pochettino.Photo: Cornerstone

Chelsea 1-1 Newcastle (1-1)
Goals: 9. Gordon 0-1. 27. Trippier (goal) 1-1. Notes: Chelsea without Zakaria (not in the team). Newcastle with Cher.

Crystal Palace 1-1 Nottingham Forest (0-1)
Goals: 31. Aouni 0-1. 66. Hughes 1-1. Notes: Nottingham without Freuler (substitute).

Manchester United 2-1 Fulham (1-1)
Goals: 19. Tate 0: 1. 39- Sancho 1: 1. 55- Fernandez 2: 1.

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Southampton 4-4 Liverpool (2-2)
Goals: 10. Diogo Jota 0: 1. 14. Firmino 0-2. 19. Ward Provs 1: 2. 28. Solomon 2: 2. 48 – Solomon 3: 2. 64. Armstrong 4-2. 72. Gakpo 4: 3. 73. Diogo Iota 4: 4.

Series A

Bologna 2-2 Napoli (0-1)
Goals: 14. Osimhen 0-1. 54 Osimhen 0-2. 63. Ferguson 1: 2. 84 – De Silvestri 2: 2. – Notes: Bologna with Epicher (up to 60).

Juventus – Milan 0: 1 (0: 1)
Goal: 40 gyro 0-1.

Head of the Department

Barcelona 3-0 Mallorca (2-0)
Goals: 1. Fati 1-0. 24. Fati 2-0. 70- Jaffe 3-0. Notes: 14. Ndiaye (Mallorca) is shown a red card.

Atletico Madrid – San Sebastian 2: 1 (1: 0)
Goals: 37. Griezmann 1-0. 73. Molina 2-0. 88. Sorloth 2: 1.

Cadiz 1-0 Celta Vigo (0-0)
Goal: 53. Sobrino 1-0. Notes: Celta Vigo with Seferovic (from 87th place).

Valencia 2-2 Espanyol (1-1)
Goals: 38. Lopez 1-0. 40- Plains 1:1 50. Braithwaite 1-2. 93 Lino 2:2 – Notes: Valencia without Comert (substitute).


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