xCloud: Microsoft’s cloud gaming service is now available in the browser

Microsoft has released the xCloud cloud gaming service as a browser version. After a longer beta phase, the flexible web version of the cloud service can now be used by all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members for the first time.

This is useful Web version of xCloud Especially on peripherals where no app is currently available. In addition to iOS and macOS devices, this also includes computers running Windows 10. According to Microsoft, it supports the web version of xCloud Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari.

Microsoft’s xCloud cloud gaming service is included in your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Members have access to many games that can be played locally on PC and Xbox or via streaming. Microsoft is now shifting responsible servers to the hardware level in the Xbox Series X, so that some streaming games will work better in the future.

On a Windows PC, a detour via the browser should only be necessary temporarily: Microsoft is working on an xCloud app for the operating system. On Apple devices, on the other hand, the browser version is likely the only way to use Microsoft’s game streaming service in the long run. Apple doesn’t allow cloud apps like Stadia and xCloud in its stores because they bundle multiple video games into one app.

The importance of xCloud and its associated game subscription service Game Pass for Microsoft became clear at E3: Microsoft introduced several titles that will be integrated into Game Pass at launch. Future Bethesda titles like Starfield will be exclusive to Microsoft, and thus could earn additional Game Pass users.

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