December 10, 2023

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X | S: Microsoft is significantly speeding up the boot process

With the help of shorter introductory animations, Microsoft speeds up the booting process for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (Test) game consoles by about five seconds. Xbox Insiders can already take advantage of the fast boot process in the latest Insider Preview Build and get back to the game faster.

Xbox Series X begins | S is 5 seconds faster

like the site the edge You mentioned that Microsoft shortened the Xbox Series X and Series S console’s intro animation from the previous 9 to 4 seconds, resulting in a boot process that was about 5 seconds faster.

Xbox Series X startup animation | S (Photo: The Verge)

Booting takes only 15 seconds

To take full advantage of the faster boot process, Xbox Insiders Program participants should use sleep mode instead of standby. However, this is the default setting.

Game consoles then start within 15 seconds, while previously it was possible to measure a good 20 seconds. In standby mode, the start is faster and updates can also be downloaded in the background – but the power consumption is much higher.

More information about the current version of Insider Build can be found at Xbox Insider Release Notes – Alpha (2208.220720-2200).

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