October 5, 2023

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Xbox Series X dashboard will soon get 4k resolution

The Xbox Series X menu screen will become more visible in the future: Microsoft will soon convert the dashboard to improved 4k resolution.

The basics in brief

  • The Xbox Series X dashboard will soon be shown in 4k.
  • The new update will be initially activated for Insider members.
  • Sony’s PS5 and PS4 Pro have shown off their home screen with improved resolution for quite some time.

The Xbox Series X home screen will soon be shown in 4k. announce this Microsoft yesterday monday In a blog post. Until now, the console’s dashboard was only available in low-resolution Full HD.

Enhanced accuracy according to Microsoft Above all, make the text on the screen clearer and clearer. At the moment, it appears that the innovation is only coming to the Xbox Series X dashboard. It remains unclear whether the Xbox Series S or the older One X will also get a higher resolution.

The previous dashboard of Microsoft’s next generation console was taken directly from Xbox One Approved. This brought him Some tech companies are making fun First, since direct competition, Sony’s PS5 ran in 4k from the start. Even the older PS4 Pro had a high definition start menu.

For now, the update is only available to members of the Xbox Insider Program. The improved home screen will also be activated soon for all other console owners.

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