Xavi introduces these 10 strict rules in Barcelona

This is how Xavi wants to save Barcelona: “We have to be aggressive – from attack to finish”

Xavi held his first press conference as coach of FC Barcelona. The former Barcelona player talks about his goals with the Catalan team.


No more faxes and parties. Under Xavi’s new regime, there is now a strong wind at FC Barcelona. New guidelines at a glance.

Barcelona FC is currently ninth in the Spanish League. An indictment of the club was accustomed to success. With Xavi as their new coach, the Catalans now want to make a fresh start. And that wouldn’t be convenient, at least for gamers.

After Xavi made a personnel change in the fitness department when he took office, he has now announced, according to the sports newspaper,first“Ten rules for his team that individual players are unlikely to like.

The team must be in the dressing room an hour and a half before the start of training. Breakfast is at 9:30 and tactical topics are discussed. Likewise at lunch and after training. All players have to be there. So far it has been voluntary.

Wild evenings at the disco or bar are becoming a thing of the past. Because no parties are allowed within the 48 hours prior to the match. With several games a week, parties should be called off completely so quickly. In addition, players should be home by midnight at the latest.

If you want to keep fit in addition to your regular training, you can’t rely on a personal trainer anymore. Due to several injuries in the recent past, Xavi no longer wants to put up with special training.

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Not only mobile phones, but every additional sports activity of the players is closely monitored and monitored. For the purpose of increasing performance, Chaffee also reported. For this reason, dangerous activities are also prohibited. The first “victim” of the new monitoring rules is said to be club legend Gerard Pique. Next week, the defender wanted to be a guest on the popular TV show “El Hormiguero” hosted by Pablo Motos.

For years, Barcelona has stood out from the competition with football club Tikitaka. Also because the system has been meticulously trained by all levels of the club. For this reason, Xavi now wants to reintroduce a system that all the teams at the club live in.

Take control of social networks

In order to avoid more small scandals like the recent Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi scandals, footballers’ social media accounts will also be closely monitored in the future. This should also avoid conflicts within the team.

In order to ensure the players’ physical and mental health, Xavi only wants to trust some specialists. For this reason, he also pulled physiotherapist Gwangju Brau and physical trainer Albert Roca from the pros.

It’s all about the picture

The players, both themselves and the entire club, must give the best image and thus promote FC Barcelona. The fans always come first.

Doing good training is a top priority for Xavi. Anyone who does not train well in the games will not be considered. that simple.

Fines for Violations

Anyone who violates one or more rules should expect fines in the future. Luis Enrique had this once in a while.

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