December 10, 2023

WWE "NXT: UK #183" results and report from London, England, UK on February 17, 2022 (includes featured videos and voting)

WWE “NXT: UK #191” results and report from London, England, UK on 04/14/2022 (includes featured videos and voting)


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WWE NXT: UK #191
Location: BT Sports Studios in London, England, UK
First broadcast: April 14, 2022

Video highlight of the show:

1. Match
Singles match
Jack Stars and Dave Mastiff Gallows (Joe and Mark Coffey) were defeated via a pin on Joe Coffey by a Starz via a powerbomb pin.
Match time: 08:31
Joe Coffey replaced himself with the match. This caused quarrels between the brothers.

After the match, Joe Covey and Mark Covey discuss the outcome of the match and Wolfgang must calm them down. Joe Coffey is the first to retire. So the difficulties among the Gallus members continue this week.

We showed off a featured video of the main event last week. NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov defended his title against Roderick Strong. He was able to win the Moscow torpedo and defend the title. After the match, the losing opponent was questioned. She deeply respects the hero’s achievement and promises that the two will meet again. Suddenly Jordan Devlin arrives. He wants another shot at the title and Devlin is sure Dragunov won’t be able to defeat him.

Kenny Williams and Sam Gradwell have been feuding for a while. The two made life miserable for each other and this affair should eventually be ended. For this, the two will meet next week in a back quarrel.

We hear the music of NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura. She has been the title holder for nearly 300 days, but she doesn’t carry her title with her. This was known to have been stolen from Isla Dawn and today Satomura wants her belt back. She doesn’t waste much time in the ring and asks Dawn to bring the championship belt with her. Isla doesn’t take long to order and get out. She also has the title belt with her, but she doesn’t want to give it up so easily. According to Isla, the problem can be solved. Satomura will give her a rematch. Then Isla Dawn accepted the belt and put it in front of the Japanese. Meiko Satomura rescinds her title emphasizing the fact that she has no problem defending the title. Suddenly, Dawn spits a black liquid in the hero’s face and then walks away contentedly.

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Amal was asked about Eliza Alexander in the interview. She is more than motivated and wants revenge on the newcomer. Alexander will appear for the first time in the next match in the evening.

We’re behind the scenes at Gallus. The inconsistencies exist and it doesn’t look like a solution can be found any time soon. Joe Coffey even disappeared from the common locker room, leaving his teammates behind.

Mark Andrews returned to NXT UK last week, helping Wild Boar in his quest for revenge against Eddie Dennis and Symbiosis. The two are also on the road together this week to finally put an end to Dennis.

2. Match
Singles match
Eliza Alexander (with Shea Brookside) defeated Angel Hayes via a pin after a knee-run kick.
Match time: 04:13

Emilia Mackenzie talks in an interview about how happy she is to have Satomura by her side. That is why she managed to collect many successes and improve her style. Stevie Turner enters and explains that Satomura Mackenzie is only training because she doesn’t see her as a competitor. This made a lasting impression on MacKenzie.

We see some highlights of the dispute between the NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mustache Mountain and tag team Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter. The conclusion of this feud will be 2 of 3 Falls next week.

3. Match
Singles match
Tioman (along with Charlie Dempsey and Rohan Rajah) defeated the A-Kid via a pin after adjusting for a neck break.
Match time: 11:23
Rohan Raja and Charlie Dempsey interfered several times in the match.

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