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WWE "NXT: UK #183" results and report from London, England, UK on February 17, 2022 (includes featured videos and voting)

WWE “NXT: UK #186” results and report from London, England, UK on 10/03/2022 (includes featured videos and voting)


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WWE’ NXT: UK #186
Location: BT Sports Studios in London, England, UK
First broadcast: March 10, 2022

Video highlight of the show:

Today’s edition kicks off with a promotional video of the NXT UK Heritage Cup match between Noam Dar and Jo Coffey. The two have been trapped in a feud for weeks, and today’s main event finally sees the long-awaited title match. Commentators greet us instantly and we’re backstage at Charlie Dempsey. He was asked where the rest of the “family” was. He replies that he doesn’t need help in his next match. Tonight’s opponent will be making his NXT 2.0 debut next week: A-Kid!

1. Match
Singles match
Charlie Dempsey defeated the A-Kid by surrendering at Bow and Arrow.
Match time: 12:31
– Rohan Raja interfered during the match and weakened Kidd enough that he couldn’t escape surrendering in the ring.

We see Mr. Scala in his office. Next week, NXT UK will welcome a guest from the USA. Wolfgang comes and finally wants to have a suitable opponent. This is perfect for Scala. Next week, Wolfgang will meet with Roderick Strong!

Two weeks ago, NXT UK Champion Meiko Satomura was celebrated for her accomplishments. However, she interrupted the Isla Dawn ceremony. She made clear her ambitions by claiming a championship match. This match will take place in two weeks.

He asks Aleah James what she thinks of the title match. She’s interrupted by Stevie Turner, who doesn’t believe anyone cares what James thinks. Turner is particularly upset that no one has called for an interview.

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2. Match
tag team match
Symbiosis (Tyson T-Bone & Primate w/ Eddie Dennis) defeated Josh Morrell and Danny Jones via a pin-on Jones by Primate after a header in a dive.
Match time: 06:06

After the match, Wild Boar suddenly enters the ring and starts hitting the Symbiosis members with the chair! Then he wants to capture Dennis, but T-Bone & Primate can save him in time.

A new edition of The Nina Samuels Show follows. Today she has Emilia Mackenzie as a guest, but she is a little upset with this “wannabe talk show”. MacKenzie doesn’t have time for a woman like Nina Samuels and then disappears again. Samuels was not prepared for such an answer and was left silent.

Discussions continue this week regarding the end of the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match. Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter want to come back as soon as possible. Mustache Mountain suggests a couple of singles matches. Tyler Butt vs. Oliver Carter and Trent Seven vs. Ashton Smith. After that, the champions will consider whether there will be another match for the title.

3. Match
UK NXT Heritage Cup
Fallout Match 2 of 3 – British Tour Rules
Noam Dar (with Sha Samuels) defeated Joe Covey (with Mark Covey) 2-1.
Match time: 13:14
Joe Coffey defeated Noam Dar with a pin after bidding farewell to Glasgow in the second round.
– Noam Dar defeated Joe Coffey via a pin after throwing the ball in the third round.
– Noam Dar defeated Joe Coffey via a pin after Nova Roller in the fifth round.

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That leaves Noam Dar, with a little help from his friend Sha Samuels, the NXT UK Heritage Cup champion. The two stars celebrate in the ring as Joe Coffey lies disappointed in the corner of the ring and deals with his loss. Today’s NXT UK release has been discontinued with these photos.

He falls:

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