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WWE "NXT: UK #183" results and report from London, England, UK on February 17, 2022 (includes featured videos and voting)

WWE “NXT: UK #183” results and report from London, England, UK on February 17, 2022 (includes featured videos and voting)

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WWE’ NXT: UK #183
Location: BT Sports Studios in London, England, UK
First broadcast: February 17, 2022

Video highlight of the show:

NXT UK kicks off this week with host and commentators Andy Shepherd and Nigel McGuinness. The two talk about today’s main event between Jordan Devlin and Wolfgang. It will be the first match between the two stars in NXT. Sam Gradwell and Kenny Williams start today. The latter enters it while he is on crutches. It appears that he has injured his knee and therefore cannot participate in this match. Sid Scala boycotted the promotion and said doctors had no record of Williams’ injury. Cheating is revealed and Gradwell takes Williams, puts him in the ring and the match begins.

1. Match
Singles match
Sam Gradwell defeated Kenny Williams via pin after lap.
Match time: 03:54

After the match, Gradewell can be celebrated. Suddenly, Williams kicked him out with a crutch. But Kenny was not done yet and pulled a pair of scissors from under the ring. He’s using these for his Mohawk Gradwell cut. This is Gradwell’s trademark and when he comes by, he’s by himself while Williams can’t stop laughing.

Gallus sits backstage and watched the highlights of last week’s Supernova Sessions. They blew up the part and made their own show to get out of it. Wolfgang is not laughing and demands more seriousness. Today he meets Jordan Devlin.

Xia Brookside is in the interview and is asked about Amale. Brookside sees itself as a bigger role model. She finds it hard to bother with such questions and Shea will report it to her father.

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Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff work on their chemistry as a team, and Starz in particular strives to improve in and out of the ring with the right nutrition.

We see Sam Gradwell looking for Kenny Williams. However, there is no trace of the star.

2. Match
Singles match
Emilia Mackenzie defeated Angel Hayes by pin after face scrub.
Match time: 04:59

Andy Shepherd was allowed to meet Nathan Fraser. Fraser talked about his win over Tioman and the big game against Walter when he left. This boosted his confidence and he is now challenging Ilja Dragunov to a NXT United Kingdom match.

The “family” was defeated last week. Tioman is not shy about defeat and wants to use this experience to bring the family closer together. Even Dempsey talks about fate. Perhaps it was fate to accept this defeat in order to become better and, above all, ruthless.

3. Match
Singles match
Stevie Turner defeated Myla Grace via a pin after a side event.
Match time: 04:36

Sid Scala has a special surprise for NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura. There will be a celebration of her hard work and everything she’s done for the brand so far. Also, Shea Brookside and Amell clash.

The NXT UK Tag Team Championship will also be put to the test by Mustache Mountain next week against Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter. The champions are excited and confident that the belts will definitely not change. In their opinion, Bate and Seven are the best tag team in the world. On the other hand, Smith and Carter see it differently. They worked hard for this opportunity and now they want to take the next step and win titles. Both teams are ready and will fight a tough battle.

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4. Match
Singles match
Jordan Devlin defeated Wolfgang via a pin after a 450 spray.
Match time: 13:41

With Jordan Devlin celebrating, today’s edition of NXT UK was launched.


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