June 24, 2024

WWE: How to watch SmackDown on TV Friday night |  Sports

WWE: How to watch SmackDown on TV Friday night | Sports

The Women’s Doubles Championship continues!

What happens on Friday night SmackDown this week? Which stars appear? Triple H, the new Creative Director, has surprised us over the past few weeks with new additions to the roster.

broadcast provider dazn (Advertisement) The show is broadcast live on TV and in the app. BILD provides all information about wrestling show.

Monday Night Raw kicked off last week’s Women’s Tag Team Championship, with the winners crowned champions. The address is currently vacant. Reason: Recent heroes Sasha Banks and Naomi have been discontinued, After refusing to follow the story designed by WWE.

Huge scandal WWE has taken an unusual stance The argument was not part of the story.

And now? This is how the Tag Team Tournament is organized:

Photo: WWE Women

On Friday night, Nikita Lyons and Zoe Stark confront Natalya and Sonya Deville. Winners will face Raquel Rodriguez and Alia next.

What role will Carrion Cross play?

Doubles champion Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre have signed up for the “Clash at the Castle” big event. Two weeks ago, Triple H brought back former NXT Champion Karrion Cross – and he made a lot of noise.

First he attacked Drew McIntyre, then sent a warning to Roman Reigns. What role will Cross play tomorrow night and in Clash at the Castle? Will the 37-year-old be added to the Reigns-McIntyre title match?

WWE SmackDown on TV

As always appears dazn (Announcement) The event is live on TV and in the app, broadcasting begins at 2 am on Saturday morning. The venue is the Bell Center in Montreal, Canada.

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