“Wear Red, Dance Along”: This is the “Wuthering Heights Day Ever” mob ranking based on an old hit by Kate Bush. The 64-year-old singer — who rocks big in a red dress in a meadow in the 44-year-old music video for “Wuthering Heights” — is having fun this summer thanks to the Netflix series “Stranger Things” and using her hit song “Running Up That Hill” in global revival.

In the UK, “Running Up That Hill” hit number one on the charts 37 years after its release, and it is currently at number seven on the Austrian charts. The debut single “Wuthering Heights” is from 1978. The title means something like “Stormy Heights” in German and refers to the ghost novel of the same name by Emily Bronte (1818-1848).

On “Most Wuthering Heights” Day, which has been celebrated for years, hundreds of Kate Bush fans dressed in red-wall dresses love to gather in flash crowds in cities around the world from Australia to England for an expressive dance from a Bush video from the 1970s, on Example in gardens imitate

In Berlin in 2016, hundreds gathered at Tempelhofer Field (the site of the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport). This year, there were a few dozen people in fluttering red costumes with black belts in Gorlitzer Park in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

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From: APA / dpa