April 25, 2024

Wrath of the Righteous begins its first beta • Eurogamer.de

Wrath of the Righteous begins its first beta • Eurogamer.de

Now available to supporters.

  • Pathfinder’s first beta: Righteous Fury has begun
  • Project supporters can participate
  • The second trial version should be implemented in the spring

CRPG Pathfinder isometric first beta: Righteous Fury has begun.

This is open to all supporters of the game on Kickstarter and Slacker who have supported the project with the minimum necessary contribution.

Developer Owlcat Games lets you play the first four seasons here, which according to the studio can keep you busy for more than 50 hours.

The content of the first three chapters is already complete, and the fourth chapter is still missing some side quests and some assets not yet final. How you play is up to you. You can choose between real time with pauses and turn-based battles.

Among other things, the demo version allows you to get familiar with the legendary progression system and choose one of six tracks (nine in the last game). Engel, Azata, Lich, Demon, Aeon and Trickster are currently available.

“Each track has a strong influence on the main story, even if the most important developments occur in the subsequent chapters,” the report states. “Fans can experience their heart’s content with legendary abilities such as devastating spells and powerful hobbyists, and enjoy all the content using a modernized and modified user interface.”

The beta version also includes some features that have only been realized through Stretch Goals, including a new companion (Woljif Jefto), a pet progression system, three new classes (War Priest, Hunter, Scald), a new race (Oread), and one of Two potential new romances and more.

A second trial version with more content is planned in the spring.

On steam You have the option to add the title to your wishlist.