June 14, 2024

Die internationale Presse reagiert überrascht auf die deutsche Auftaktniederlage.

World Cup 2022: Press statements about the bankruptcy of the German Football Association – “The Fall of the Gods”

Football Germany once had a shock. Instead of the hoped-for sovereign start, he sat down National team for the second consecutive World Cup Stain at first. In Mexico 2018, the German Confederation team had to face on Wednesday Japan He was defeated by another middleweight player. After 1: 2 (1: 0), the team of national coach Hansi Flick turned to the wall after the first group match of three matches. Bankruptcy has also made waves in other football countries.


The international press is similarly shocked Japan’s sudden victory, as most German fans may be. The Swiss write: “It makes you spit.” Opinion. and the The New York Times Statements regarding the first days of the World Cup: “These are the days of the mighty fall.” This is beautiful Argentina 1-2 against Saudi Arabia He left his mark on international commentators. With the German failure goes “The Fall of the Gods” (La Republica from Italy) get in touch now.

As for Japan, the celebration of the first victory over a German national team is huge: “The Japanese national team achieves a historic comeback victory against Germany,” according to the newspaper headline. Asahi Shimbun. And when it comes to Germany’s next opponent Spain, you are already wondering: “We don’t know which is worse: Germany or Japan.” SportswhistleThe sports portal of RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) has compiled the international press’ reactions about the match against Japan.

La Republica (Italy): “Gods Fall: After Argentina, Germany Falls Too.”

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Gazzetta dello Sport (Italy): “Germany’s Hara-Kiri: Japan pulls off a coup, wins 2-1 after catching up.”

Opinion (Switzerland): “It takes your breath away. Instead of starting the World Cup with an easy win, Germany is already in trouble after 90 minutes in Qatar. (…) Japan creates sensation. And leaves all of Germany speechless.”

Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands): “Germany make an impression with a statement but don’t let their legs do the talking and go down against Japan. Germany made an impression only before the match against Japan on Wednesday. With a surprising statement against FIFA, the players gave a clear message. The performance after that was much less convincing, than It means that, just like four years ago, the team got off to a bad start again, this time with a 2-1 loss against Japan.”

the sun (Great Britain): “Japan – Another big shock at the World Cup after a brilliant Japanese defeat one of the favourites, with a fantastic win.”

times (Great Britain): “Germany threatened (again) with an early finish”.

does not depend on (GBR): “Germany suffers déjà vu as champions Japan celebrate shock World Cup victory.”

Diario AS (Spain): “Harakiri from Germany: Flick’s men couldn’t finish a game they dominated and Japanese spirit led to their second major World Cup upset.”

Marca (Spain): “We no longer know which is worse: Germany or Japan.”

Asahi Shimbun (Japan): “Japan achieved historic comeback victory against Germany.”

The New York Times (USA): “These are the days when the great downfall was. On the third day of the World Cup, Argentina suffered a painful defeat to Saudi Arabia. On the fourth day, it was Germany’s turn. Another pre-tournament favorite was defeated by a team shocked and embarrassed by The opponents are supposed to be easy.”

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Crown newspaper (Austria): “False start! Germany slips against Japan.”

soccer schedule (Germany): “Opportunity usurp and Flick change lead to break”.

Mirror (Germany): “On Earth Again”.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany): “Germany without courage and strength.”

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