June 21, 2024

Work is work - Mallorca Zeitung

Work is work – Mallorca Zeitung

In some areas of life it is important to keep the bridle taut and set the limits, otherwise, according to Benjamin Franklin, you risk tipping the balance of power upside down and you are no longer the master of your house: “Run your business or manage itAs one of the founding fathers of the United States Declaration of Independence, Franklin must have known what he was talking about. The local bon mot also advises urgently not to “put your wealth at risk with unknown investments, as you can lose your teeth yourself” (Si t’afiques en negocis i no hi entens, per lo que sigui hi deixeràs ses dents). This usually ends with “Bread and brunch shop(Fer un negoci de pa amb fonteta) – nothing more than dry bread, which the poor inhabitants sprinkle only with water instead of oil and side dishes.

Based on three factors In Mallorca, read the behaviors of the other person in a possible business deal and also in the rest of life: “At the table, at work and in the game you meet a gentleman” (A sa taula, en es negocis i en joc, es coneix es señor). A useful tactic in negotiations is To get the air out of the sails of aggressive opponents, “until the wise give thanks for the accusations” (Donant gracias pels agravis, negocien elsomes savis). There is another tip that suggests, “Do not entrust business to a man in lovewho pushes them all against the wall” (A l’home enamorat, no li confiis negocis que tots els esguerrarà). Meanwhile, the American industrialist Charles Abbott sarcastically said: “A business without profit is no more business than a pickle is sweets. ”

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