December 8, 2023

Women's voices appear to be less efficient on video calls

Women’s voices appear to be less efficient on video calls

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Video conferencing is a part of everyday life in epidemics. According to a study, women are at a disadvantage. Photo: Fabian Strauch / Dr.

(Photo: dpa)

This is the result of a study carried out by engineers from the University of Magdeburg, as announced by the university. Accordingly, women’s voices are seen as less expressive, competent, and attractive in online conversations because programs like Zoom, Skype, or Teams do not convey all parts of the language.

In addition, the frequencies will decrease due to the large volume of data. “Until now, acoustic treatment works with pre-defined frequency bands that don’t always take into account the acoustic differences between the sexes – especially the louder voices of women,” said Ingo Sigert, head of the study, according to the announcement.

While studying in collaboration with the Danish University of Sønderborg, the experimental listeners first assessed vocal examples of the trained speakers. According to the information, the performance of women’s voices recorded in online meetings was much worse.

Then the same examples were examined in terms of pitch, range and depth of sound. Researchers have come to the conclusion that female voices in internet conferencing lack basic emotional components compared to male voices.

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