Women’s soccer: a sports revolution in the United States! Equal salaries for men and women – football

A sensation in the US: Female national team players are now paid the same salary as their male teammates! The tournament money will also be divided equally in the future.

AND: A portion of the income from television broadcasts, ticket sales and sponsorship must also be distributed to both teams.

American striker Margaret Pierce, 26: “I’m so proud of the girls who are growing up realizing their value rather than having to fight for them. It’s a historical history and I think it will spark a lot of other things in esports – not just in the US but all over the world. “.

Fact: In the United States, the women’s national team is significantly more successful than the men’s team. Recently, they won the world title twice in a row.

Despite this, players only received a $110,000 bonus when they won the title three years ago. If the guys had won the world championship a year earlier, they would have earned $407 thousand.

With the new law, the United States became the first country to apply equal pay to World Cup bonuses. In 2019, Australian men’s and women’s teams have already agreed to the same pay structures, but not the same World Cup bonuses.

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