July 12, 2024

Woman accidentally eats heart-shaped chip worth more than €100,000

Woman accidentally eats heart-shaped chip worth more than €100,000

How much is a chip worth to you? A British chips manufacturer is currently willing to pay more than €100,000. There is only one requirement: the chip must represent the correct heart. A woman from Great Britain had such a thing in front of her.

But instead of taking it, she used it to satisfy her hunger.

The UK is looking for the perfect heart-shaped chip

Dawn Seger could now have more than €113,000 in her account – if she didn’t have one last week Big appetite would have been Because in her work she crushed a rare heart-shaped chip that could make her very rich.

But back to the beginning. Great Britain currently has a very unusual chips campaign. The manufacturer Walkers also has in its packages The chips are heart-shaped. This is made possible by the unusual shape of the British potato. Anyone who finds such a heart in their chip bag can send it in and thus have a chance 100,000 British pounds (ie around 113,000 Euros) to win. Because that’s who it is A perfect heart He finds out and gets the prize money.

So the task was clear: if you want to win money, you need to pay attention to the contents of your chips. A task that Dan knew nothing about. Because the supermarket worker was very hungry during her shift Engaged in chips. She looked at the perfectly designed heart in the bag, but didn’t put it aside, no doubt satisfying her hunger.

A TikToker eats up a chance to win in front of the camera

Her colleagues and friends explain to her how dangerous this decision is. But while Dawn was horrified at first, she’s over it now. “It would have made my life a little happier But I don’t have money, so it doesn’t make a difference,” she says. Because the only evidence that Dawn would have had a perfect heart is a Photograph. And unfortunately that’s not enough! Because if you make it to the next round, you have to show the heart-shaped snack along with the packaging!

But there is one small consolation. Because Dawn isn’t alone with her misadventure. And the TikToker Corey Wells A few days ago he posted a video in which he eats what might be a perfect heart chip. You can see the heart briefly in one of his “What I Eat in a Day” videos. But the proof sent by Cory Unfortunately it ended up in his stomach.