Wolfgang Eitelboss and Thomas Hauser as regional guides

Wolfgang Eitelboss and Thomas Hauser want to classify the trends of the Bavarian region of Swabia and turn them into commercial potential. Photo: LINQ

LINQ should become the interface between global developments and companies from the Bavarian region of Swabia. But not only SMEs will benefit from this. This allows the entire site to focus specifically on the future.

The Lindau Institute for Paradigm Transformation wants to identify relevant major trends and their side effects on a scientific basis. The founders, Wolfgang Eitelbuss and Thomas Hauser, want to gain valuable insights for businesses, regions and municipalities. Together with this group of clients, these results should be used as a practical and tailored business potential. The focus is also deliberately on the homeland, as Ettleboss himself asserts: “We are both very rooted in our region and want to help businesses and organizations become better here.”

Wolfgang Eitelbuss is the founder and owner of Eitelbuss Markenberatung in Lindau on Lake Constance. Helps identify strengths and develop strategies for success. Thomas Hauser is the managing partner of Thomas Hauser, a management consultancy in Augsburg and teaches at two universities. As a strategic advisor, he likes to lay the foundation for success, values, growth and well-being. Both are independent as the main performance of LINQ and thus are honest and clear in every situation. They want to make a personal contribution with their expertise, experience and attitude. Every client should benefit from the truth, courage and strength of the matter.

Wolfgang Eitelboss and Thomas HauserYou both do an important job for our regional economy. With your independent view of the volatile and fast-moving business world, our companies can focus on the necessary changes and take reasonable paths. This allows Bavarian Swabia to develop in a targeted manner into the future as a modern location.

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That’s why Wolfgang Eitelboss and Thomas Hauser won today.

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