December 9, 2023

Eine Milliarde - Pokémon Go bricht seinen eigenen Umsatzrekord

Wizards Unite will be closed next year

Niantic will discontinue Harry Potter’s Wizards Unite next year. Too few downloads lead to the end of game processes.

The basics in brief

  • Wizards Unite will be closed next year and will disappear from the app stores.
  • The augmented reality game did not attract as many players as planned.
  • Wizards One cannot follow the success of Pokemon Go.

On its official website, Niantic announced the end of operations for the “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” games. As of December, players will not be able to purchase. As of January 31, 2022, the game will no longer be available in the app stores.

Many fans of the game are saddened by the official mail from the game operators.

In fact, Wizards Unite 2019 was supposed to be sent to The success of the game “Pokemon Go” in augmented reality Relationship. However, Niantic did not succeed in doing so.

Pokemon Go was downloaded 24 million times in the first four days after launch. And this alone in the USA, New Zealand and Australia. However, Wizards Unite only landed 3 million downloads worldwide in the same period.

Despite the success of the Harry Potter series, the game did not

wizards unite very similar to Pokemon he goes. In both matches, the player must be in environment Move to move the character on the virtual map. The player has to solve assembly tasks. Harry Potter fans can see it in their real world Face their imaginary idols.

Towards the end of the game, Niantic adds more story elements. Before it disappears from the app stores, the story must be over. Moreover, there are more bonuses. Magical energy and ingredients must appear more often on the virtual map.

Focus on “Pikmin Bloom”

After Wizards-Unite-Aus-Aus, Niantic will likely focus more on “Pikmin Bloom”. This game hit the app stores all over the world in October. It has a similar structure, but it revolves around small plant organisms. This is discontinued nintendoAlready known play.

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