withdraw from the audience? What plans does Duchess Meghan have now?

Updated on 04/17/2023 16:16

Duchess Meghan is stepping away from the biggest event of the year in Britain – the coronation of King Charles III. Even in her native country, Prince Harry’s wife has rarely been seen in public in recent weeks. What is behind her withdrawal?

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Duchess Meghan hardly appears at the moment. Last week it became known that her husband Prince Harry only to crown his father, Charles III, he travels to London. Meghan and the couple’s two children, Archie and Lilibet, are staying in Montecito, California.

that Duchess That Von Sussex would miss the event of the year in Great Britain seems unusual at first glance. Last year she was still looking for an audience. In December, for example, a Netflix documentary titled “Harry & Meghan” premiered. In the reveal, the 41-year-old, who moved to the US with Prince Harry in 2020, revealed just how bad it was behind the walls of the British palace.

I did something similar in 2021 on a big TV interview with Oprah Winfrey. In 2022, Megan will also appear on air with the Archetypes podcast. In it, I spoke to celebrities, historians, and analysts about the history of women’s stereotypes.

This must be behind Meghan’s withdrawal

Nothing has been heard from Duchess Meghan in the past few weeks. As reported by the British newspaper The TelegraphIt was an open secret among her friends in California that she never intended to attend her father-in-law’s coronation. The fact that it’s not currently showing up in the US should come as a surprise.

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One of the reasons Meghan prefers to stay home now is that she has two young children. Archie’s fourth birthday falls on the day of Charles’ coronation, May 6th. Lilibet will be two years old in June. The Sussexes have always made it clear how important their little family is to them.

According to The Telegraph, the fact that Meghan will not attend the coronation is also due to the fact that she could see returning to Great Britain as a step back. She wants to leave behind the “British chapter of her life”. According to the report, the Duchess’s friends also point out that the portrayal of Meghan as a publicity-obsessed person has been proven wrong by the cancellation of the coronation. Even if Harry and Meghan caused months of speculation with their belated response to the invitation.

Book, political career and more: what’s next?

According to The Telegraph, rumors of Meghan writing a book are said to be false. The Duchess is planning other projects in television, podcasting and blogging instead. She gave up her lifestyle blog ‘The Tig’ after her affair with Prince Harry became known. After retiring as a working member of the royal family, she can now carry on doing so. Plans are said to be already underway. Will you come back with advice on cooking, travel, fashion, art, culture and health from them soon? According to rumors, fans could receive royal relationship advice.

In the television sector, the Sussex family and their company Archewell want to dedicate themselves to fantasy projects after the documentary “Harry and Meghan”, and romantic comedies should not be left out either. It is not yet known if the Duchess will be hosting the second season of the Spotify podcast ‘The Archetypes’. It has also been speculated for several months that Meghan may aspire to a political career in the long term.

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Maybe Megan should back off on that, too. According to reports in the tabloids, she and Prince Harry are currently not very popular among stars and other celebrities in the United States. Fear of the two publicly dumping them again is said to be spreading.

Will she be back in the spotlight soon?

Meghan’s decline shouldn’t last much longer. She was honored with a prestigious feminist award. Like the American Ms. Foundation for Women on your website She announced that she will be receiving the award for Visual Woman of the Year. This will be awarded during a festive ceremony on May 16th in New York. Feminist icon and co-founder Gloria Steinem said she would personally present her award to Meghan.
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