December 8, 2023

With this test you can tell the difference

The difference between back pain and a herniated disc

Back pain is one Sudden tension in the back musclesWhich leads to severe lower back pain. The pain is usually so severe that the affected person is no longer able to move. A herniated disc is one Spinal disease, where part of the disc nucleus comes out of the disc annulus. This can cause irritation or pressure on the nerves, which can lead to pain and other discomfort.

However: severe pain can occur with both diseases; Even doctors often find it difficult to differentiate between a herniated disc and back pain and make the correct diagnosis.

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Video: 5 tips for treating acute back pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints that people deal with and it can occur suddenly and be very painful. However, you can mitigate this with simple measures. You can find out what these are and what could be behind your new pain in this how-to video.

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