With this look make a special statement

On the last day of their state visit, Charles and Camilla take the train to Hamburg – one detail of the King’s wife’s appearance appears next to her hat.

Camilla, the king’s consort, was dressed in reserved but royal blue for the trip from Berlin to Hamburg and several appointments in the Hanseatic city. Under the coat she wore a dress of the same shade. Outside, when it was raining, she also wore black leather gloves and a fancy hat with a fur edge. On her coat, the 75-year-old wore a brooch that sparkled vividly and set with a large sapphire surrounded by twelve diamonds. A piece with a special meaning.

A closer look at Camilla’s brooch – a family heirloom. (Image credit: Filip Singer – Pool/Getty Images)

Because as British royal journalist Richard Palmer wrote on Twitter as reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the gift comes from Queen Victoria’s jewelry box. Her husband Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha gave her as a wedding gift in 1840. Victoria, the former Queen of the United Kingdom, lived from 1819 to 1901. She was the great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II who died in September 2022. The choice was made but perhaps not because of one of the two women on the piece of jewelry, but because of the benefactor, the German Prince Albert. Perhaps it is a token of gratitude to the host country, as Camilla and Charles have been on a three-day visit.

It is said that Queen Victoria often wore adornments and was taken with him. She made the jewel an heirloom of the Crown so that it would always be passed on to the next queen or consort. Queen Elizabeth II has worn the brooch from time to time.

Queen Elizabeth II at Royal Ascot 2015: here, too, in adornment.
Queen Elizabeth II at Royal Ascot 2015: here, too, in adornment. (Image credit: Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse)

Two days later in Berlin, including a state banquet and speech in the Bundestag, King Charles III. Camilla, the king’s wife, finished their first trip abroad as a royal couple late Friday afternoon in Hamburg.

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