With Bündner Simonet at the start: second place for Switzerland in the team competition

Camille Rast, Andrea Ellenberger, Liviu Simonet and Simil Besig only had to compete twice in the short way to reach second place, with only six nations entering, fewer than ever. Switzerland and Austria, ranked 1 and 2 among the ski nations, benefited from byes to the quarter-finals.

Low turnout reflects the interest and value of the controversial competition. But not only. The lower number of participants is also a consequence of the lower starting fields in the individual races at the World Cup Finals.

Since only the top 25 drivers in the discipline classifications can participate, some countries are underrepresented or not present at all at the end of the season. There are hardly any exclusive bids for the team’s competition. On Friday, the world champion, the United States of America, did not attend the third place in the World Cup, Canada, Sweden and France.

In the final match, the score was 2: 2, after winning all four duels. The deciding factor in Norway’s favor was the best combined best times on the men’s and women’s level. Simonette defeated Rasmus Windingstad and Andrea Ellenberger defeated Maria Therese Tverberg. Camille Rast and Semel Besig had to bow to Thea-Louise Stjersund and Timon Haugan.

In the semifinals, which also ended with two victories over Germany, the regulations spoke for the Swiss national team.

Last winter, Switzerland won the team competition by defeating Olympic champions Austria in the final. Simonet and Ellenberger were also part of the quartet at the time.

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