June 24, 2024

Winter Weather in Switzerland – Low Storm Lewis brings rain and hail

On Saturday night, a cold front crossed Switzerland with torrential rains and storms. Winter is back with Louis.

Clouds, storms, rain and snow: The next cold front will cross Switzerland on Saturday.

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Storm Depression Klaus followed by Storm Depression Lewis. The cold front crossed with torrential rains and storms in Switzerland on Saturday. “Lewis” announced Saturday morning, with strong winds. In the lowlands, there were already peaks of gusts of more than 110 kilometers per hour (km / h). Winds of up to 116 km / h blew over the Pantiger River near Bern. The speed at Santis was 102.6 km / h.

On the wind map in Meteo-Switzerland at 10:30 a.m. on Uetliberg near Zurich it is possible to read 110.9 km / h, on Chasseral 97.2 km / h. At Mühleberg-Stockeren BE it was measured 99 km / h according to Meteonews, and about 93 km / h in Zürichberg.

There was a storm warning for the entire northern side of the Alps. For the central plateau and the northern slopes of the Alps, the second highest risk level was orange (high risk of storms).

Snow is also possible in the lowlands

At the peak of the storm on Saturday evening, SRF Meteo predicted a hurricane in the mountains of 110 to 150 km / h, similar to Hurricane Klaus on Thursday. Walking in the woods was severely discouraged. Very moderate temperatures of 13 degrees have been announced ahead of the upcoming cold front.

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Then the hail of the storm follows. The snow line is expected to be between 400 and 700 meters on Sunday. On the northern slopes of the Alps and in the foothills of the Alps, 50 to 100 cm of fresh snow is supposed to fall by the middle of next week. Temperatures range between two and six degrees, and frost can be expected again in the morning. “On Tuesday, there might be some snow in the lowlands,” says Roger Perrett of Meteonews. “So it’s still too early to throw off your winter clothes.”

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