Winter sports live today on DAZN: broadcast on Sunday on TV and LIVE STREAM

The winter sports season At the moment it is really gaining speed – another great program awaits us today. GOAL takes a look at the winter sports broadcast.

Football is really great, but watching over and over how can 22 people kicking a ball back and forth become boring at some point? All the better is that there are enough alternatives!

Today, DAZN displays a large selection of different winter sports, with the opening of the biathlon season.

It’s cold outside, but you’re at home warm and watching winter sports in the living room with tea in hand – what could be better? Goal It explains how today’s sports and disciplines are broadcast on TV and live.


Watch winter sports live on DAZN today: Broadcasting on TV and LIVE-STREAM

The great thing about DAZN: the incredibly versatile streaming platform! DAZN isn’t focused on a sport or target group, but it has something to suit everyone.

Especially interesting for fans of winter sports: DAZN is also broadcasting Eurosport And Eurosport 2. The professionals know that there are plenty of sports taking place at Eurosport every winter, so you can easily follow them via DAZN.

Winter Sports on DAZN: The biathlon season really begins today!

Especially in focus today: the season opener in biathlon! The World Cup season begins today in Östersund, Sweden, with two races, 7.5 km for women and 10 km for men.

Even outside Sweden, today a big cinema awaits us: Finland in particular is prominently represented on the DAZN and Eurosport programs, while ski jumping, cross-country skiing and cross-country skiing are held in Ruka.

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Slalom and Super G in North America: DAZN and Eurosport offer plenty of winter sports today!

Is this not enough for you yet? Then let’s cross the pond: In the USA, there’s a live slalom from Vermont, and Canada doesn’t have to hide today either. At Lake Louise, the Super G is held at the end of the winter sports Sunday.

Was that too much information at once? We can understand, so we have carefully listed everything for you. Here is the plan for today:

Winter sports live on DAZN today: a sneak peek into sports and disciplines



your location

9.00 am

North combined | World Cup | men

hand | Finland

10:10 AM

Cross-country skiing | World Cup | men

hand | Finland

10.55 am

Biathlon | World Cup | Women

Östersund | Sweden

12.20 pm

Cross-country skiing | World Cup | Women

hand | Finland

1:20 pm

Biathlon | World Cup | men

Östersund | Sweden

3:05 pm

North combined | world Cup

hand | Finland

3:35 pm

Alpine skiing | World Cup | Women

Killington | United States of America

4.15 pm

Ski jump | World Cup | men

hand | Finland

6:35 pm

Alpine skiing | world Cup

Killington | United States of America

8:05 PM

Alpine skiing | World Cup | men

Lake Louise | Canada

Only Gear Biathlon

Who shows/broadcasts winter sports on live broadcast and TV? Watch the biathlon live broadcast on TV and the Internet today

Not everyone likes winter, after all, it gets dark early, everything looks gray and not warm either. But winter also shows its beautiful side every year, for example today. After all, it’s winter sports season again! This is how fun works dazn:

DAZN shows winter sports on TV and live: that’s how it works!

Of course, DAZN is broadcasting winter sports on LIVE STREAM today Much to the delight of many followers: Inside. This doesn’t mean you have to rely on streaming biathlon on your PC, laptop or mobile phone – you can also watch cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, etc. on TV with LIVE-STREAM.

the trick: Smart TV! If you have an internet-connected TV, you can simply download the free DAZN app here and set up streaming there. Alternatively, you can of course connect your game console or laptop to your TV using an HDMI cable and let DAZN play.

Winter sports on TV? These are the TV channels of DAZN

DAZN is now also represented on TV – TV channels have been around since summer 2021 DAZ 1 And Daz 2. However, it cannot be seen everywhere – DAZN 1 and DAZN 2 can only be booked via Vodafone and Sky.

But that doesn’t matter today anyway: winter sports on DAZN wouldn’t have been shown on TV anyway. There they have today German Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 And section One step forward.

Winter Sports Today Live: This is How DAZN Costs

DAZN is not free, but it is also inexpensive, especially in terms of competition. I also have the possibility to choose between monthly and yearly subscriptions, and these are the prices:

  • Monthly subscription: 14.99 € per month | Can be canceled monthly | monthly debt
  • Annual subscription: 149.99€ per year (12.50€ per month) | Can be canceled annually | Annual discount

Sky, DAZN and free apps: these are the important links for broadcasting winter sports

Who is showing biathlon, skiing and co today? Winter sports are streamed live today


DAZN via Smart-TV, ZDF

Live broadcast



Dazen / Sports Show

Biathlon World Cup today Live TV broadcast highlights the women's and men's relay Poland Pokljuka 2021

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