February 25, 2024

Winter in Canada: Ice Fishing in Quebec

“Are you too hot? Open the window.” Jennifer Gravel doesn't even wait for an answer, but opens the small window of the cottage. The cold wind rushes in immediately, biting the cheeks, and it doesn't return quickly. According to the thermometer, it feels like minus 19 degrees outside, minus 27. That's why inside. The existing propane gas stove is bubbling on the highest setting – the window is open and the fishing line disappears next to the hole in the ice. The situation is not without a certain humor. They argue again about whether 23 degrees in the living room is an unwritten human right or 19. Less than a ten-hour flight in Canada, Ice Sweating while fishing.

In winter they are drawn to water

Gravel looked a little amused at the thickly hooded figure that knocked over the heated booth in the frozen Fjord du Saguenay that morning. No one expected that a tradition handed down by the tribes could be combined with the conveniences of modern times. An avid hunter and fisherman, the young woman spends several weeks each year in the mighty hand of water that squeezes between steep cliffs 200 kilometers north of the provincial capital, Quebec. In places the rocks are water deep: 250 meters. The Saguenay is one of the largest fjords in the world at 100 kilometers long and three kilometers wide. Only one coast in North America is permanently inhabited. Here, when it temporarily disappears under thick blankets of snow and ice during the nearly six-month long winter, hundreds of mobile huts are added. From a distance they look like colorful circus or fair floats.

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