December 1, 2023

Windows Update is causing a problem: it is now mandatory for many users

Windows Update is causing a problem: it is now mandatory for many users

Looks like Microsoft wants to push more users to use a Microsoft account with Windows 11. Like “newer Windows” mentionedWith the Windows 11 22H2 update, an account to install on a PC should now also be mandatory for the Pro version.

So far, the compulsion is only present with the release of Windows 11 Home. This was introduced last year. Now this should also be the case with the Pro version coming soon. If Windows 11 is installed on the PC, OneDrive will also be set up automatically. User data and some settings are synced directly here.

Windows Updates: Microsoft has tightened account requirements

Many Windows 10 and 11 users may find the account requirements a thorn in their side.

Chip / Denis Loginov

An active internet connection will likely also be required to install Windows. A Microsoft account and work connection are also mandatory in Windows 10 Pro version 22616 – but only if you’ve set up a personal account. This does not apply to work and school accounts.

There is currently an alternative solution for users to enter a fake Microsoft account and password. Although users get an error message here, by clicking Next they can continue to set up a local account without their Microsoft account.

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