July 16, 2024

Windows 11: New Preview brings Microsoft 365 widget

Windows 11: New Preview brings Microsoft 365 widget

Notifies business users of frequently opened documents and company news. Teams Chat is now also available in German. Developers are also reviewing the App Library in the Microsoft Store.

There is one developer channel and one beta channel for Windows Insider New trial version of Windows 11 Available. Version 22000.168 mainly corrects errors, but also introduces new functionality. This includes a productivity tool for Microsoft 365.

The tool is available to business customers who are signed in with an Azure Active Directory account. Displays frequently opened documents, company news, meeting records, as well as other relevant business information. To test this, Insiders need to open Tools and press the Add Tools button. Microsoft is already testing several UI elements for Windows 11, including the Family (Security) widget and the News & Interests widget (Bing plus MSN).

In addition, Teams Chat now supports other languages, including German. Teams Chat aims to replace the Skype button and help users learn about consumer functionality in Teams. Additionally, the App Library desktop has been reviewed in the Microsoft Store.

in one Blog entry As always, Microsoft will notify you of the latest bug fixes, affecting search, settings, and tools, among other things. It also contains a list of known issues that Microsoft will have to fix in the coming weeks.