Windows 11: Better management of Bluetooth devices

Microsoft is improving the management of Bluetooth devices in Windows 11. This is what the new menu looks like.

Microsoft is improving the management of Bluetooth devices in Windows 11.

IT news magazine Betanews. This is Microsoft’s response to the abundance of external devices that can be connected to a computer via Bluetooth. In this regard, it makes sense to make the Bluetooth paired list and the entire Bluetooth management for a Windows user as clear and convenient as possible. For this purpose, Microsoft is redesigning the display of Bluetooth devices in Windows 11.

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You can find the list of paired and unpaired but already known Bluetooth devices via the quick settings menu in the taskbar. Microsoft introduced this list of new Bluetooth devices with Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22563. Microsoft blog entry

Read about it here.

The window is divided into two parts. At the top you will find Bluetooth devices that are currently paired, and at the bottom you will find devices that are not currently paired. You will see a brief description of each device so that you can see at a glance what the device in question is called and what it does. In addition, the battery charge status for each device is displayed. Below the list is a link that takes you to all the Bluetooth settings in the Windows Settings menu.

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Above all, however, you can terminate the Bluetooth connection of the device in question directly in this overview menu in the quick settings menu or connect a disconnected device immediately.

Currently for knowledgeable testers only

Important in this context: Currently, only testers familiar with the Developer Channel can try this innovation. Moreover, Microsoft initially did not mention this innovation in its blog post, but added the reference later.

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