Windows 10 will receive improved audio support for AirPods in a future update

The next major update to Windows 10 later this year will include improved support for Apple’s product line AirPods And other Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

In the Enter the blogMicrosoft plans to add support for AAC, or an advanced audio codec for Bluetooth devices, which will provide improved audio quality for AirPods, iTunes, and AirPods. Apple Music user. Windows currently only supports SBC and aptX codecs for Bluetooth devices.

Enjoy excellent wireless audio streaming quality through AAC-coded headphones and speakers. AAC, short for Advanced Audio Codec, is a lossy codec that provides high-quality audio streams in smaller files – ideal for listening to music online.

In addition to AAC support, Windows 10 update makes it easy to find Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and headphones in the Windows bar. As Microsoft describes:

Stop clicking multiple audio endpoints until the audio and microphone of your Bluetooth headphones work properly. Now we only recognize one audio endpoint in the user interface and automatically jump to the correct one so you can enjoy a smooth experience. Hear Spotify and then switch to a team call? You can now also directly control the headphone volume

The new features, accompanied by bug fixes and improvements, will be available to all Windows 10 users later this year. However, Windows Insider Program members can get a beta, with new additions and the latest version.

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