July 16, 2024

Windows 10: Are the screens still blue when printing?  This is how the patch update works

Windows 10: Are the screens still blue when printing? This is how the patch update works

In the past few days, some readers have contacted us whose systems continue to have trouble printing in the form of blue screens due to incorrect March updates to Windows 10. The problematic updates KB5000802 (Windows 10 2004 / 20H2) and KB5000808 (Windows 10) have been reinstalled 1909) automatically appears on affected systems after manual uninstallation. The result was new blue screens.

Microsoft has fixed the underlying error and released updates; However, those affected must help manually to apply the fix. We explain how to do that.

We first reported a blue screen issue when printing on March 10th: it only occurs explicitly with certain printers, for example some models from Kyocera. Therefore, patching is only needed on individual Windows 10 systems and server counterparts. Microsoft responded with unscheduled cumulative updates that also eliminated other printing and graphics issues.

Problem: Since printing problems only happen intermittently, the respective updates are not installed automatically. Usually only cumulative updates of security interest are installed automatically. Anyone who hasn’t actively clicked “Download and Install” in the Windows Update area leaves nothing.

The following procedure should finally solve the current printing and potential graphics issues caused by the March updates:

  • In Windows Update (under Settings) select “Check for updates”
  • Then install the offered cumulative update (“Optional Quality Update”) (“Download and Install”)
  • Perform an update installation during a system restart
  • After installation, the issue should be resolved and Broken Updates KB5000802 / KB5000808 will not be displayed or forced to install.
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It is not necessary to uninstall defective updates before installing a cumulative update.

This update is intended; Knowledge base specifications vary depending on the version of Windows used.

(Image: screenshot)

Since cumulative updates also contain all the new features and bug fixes for previous updates, you don’t need to pay attention to the Windows Update KB numbers (which are now partly different from our previous post about patches). The current cumulative update should include the necessary corrections.


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