Willow director exits: Jun M Choo explains himself on Twitter + Cast access

++ Update from January 27, 2021: The WillowThe series will likely get reinforcements from Spider Man-cast. to me Limit takes over Tony Revolore Role in the fiction sequel. It is not known who will play Revolore.

++ News from January 12, 2021: It wasn’t long before Jun Im Cho became director of WillowSeries Disney + Agreed. Now he’s off. In social networks, explain in detail why he said goodbye to the project and not seem to be due to common creative differences.

He breaks his heart announcing that he is no longer the manager of Willow You can take part in the series. The date of the shooting has been postponed due to the ongoing lockdown in the UK and this timing is simply impossible for him and his family, as his family plans to have offspring in the summer.

From him Willow Means a lot, it’s too tough for him, but of course he’ll watch the series, and as a kid in the 80’s, immerse himself in this magical world.

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