Will there soon be solar power stations in space?

Hundreds of Millions of Euros: A Mega Project by 2030

There are also a number of other technical challenges that need a cost-effective and efficient solution. In the future, space solar energy – as with other large power plants – will ideally be invested through the provision and sale of the generated electric energy – according to the European Space Agency.

Until then, according to Summerr, tens to hundreds of millions of euros will have to trickle down to the technological maturity and technical efforts mentioned above. This is followed by funding for the development of large-scale space demonstrations commensurate with the costs of developing prototypes for power plants.

space as a showroom

Despite the visual concept, Summerer continues to criticize the model constructively: “I don’t expect solar power plants to revolutionize existing energy supplies.” It takes a revolution in the entire energy system as we know it. “What the International Energy Agency (IEA) has shown to the global energy system with its path to net zero by 2050 is that there is no simple solution.

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