December 8, 2023

Will Taylor Swift also accompany Travis Kelce to the NFL game in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt am Main – They are the hottest topic at the moment Sports World: the new celebrity couple, Mega pop star Taylor Swift (33) and NFL star Travis Kelce (34). Now we hope Frankfurt We look forward to welcoming them together soon to the main capital.

They could be the new dream couple in the starry sky: country singer Taylor Swift (33, left) and football star Travis Kelce (34). © Chris Pizzello/Ross D. franklin/invision/AP/dpa

This could actually happen during the first NFL game in Frankfurt am Main between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins (Nov. 5/3:30 p.m.).

Travis Kelce has probably been the best player in the NFL for several years and is also a key part of the Chiefs offense. It has been clear for a few weeks that he can not only score above average on the pitch, but off the turf as well.

Kelsey has recently been accompanied by none other than superstar Taylor Swift to soccer matches. There is still no official confirmation of their romantic involvement, but the signs are more than clear.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is a star performer on the soccer field

Swift has now visited the Kelces’ VIP lounge several times, and based on TV photos, he gets along well with Travis’ mother. Now video footage has emerged showing the two stars getting out of the car holding hands to have dinner together.

Along with Travis Kelsey’s mother Donna (71, right), Taylor Swift has already cheered on her new partner several times. © Ed Zurga/AP/DPA

So it’s no wonder that with all the media hype surrounding Swift and Kelsey, people in Frankfurt are pretty excited, too. Because when the Super Bowl winner squares off against the franchise from the sunshine state of the United States at Deutsche Bank Park, chances are the country singers and pop singers will be there, too.

Mayor Mike Joseph (40) said: “Everyone is warmly welcomed to Frankfurt. I think they noticed the foreboding. It’s really a special event. I’ll be happy. I’ve been following the topic as well – the big secret has been revealed.” SPD) on Thursday during a press conference about Kelce and Swift.

Joseph, head of the NFL in Germany Alexander Steinfurth, and Patrick Mayer, managing director of Stadion GmbH, appear to be well aware of Swift’s schedule. Their next concert after the NFL game on November 5th will be on November 9th in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “It will be time,” said Administrator Steinforth. “We allow ourselves to be surprised.” A request in this regard has already been submitted to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is on cloud 9: Now Donald Trump is involved!

Mayor Joseph added with a sly smile on his lips: “The success of the event does not depend on Taylor Swift, but she is cordially invited.” Several million people applied for tickets for both matches.

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