Will Electronic Arts (EA) be sold soon?

Recent conversations between the computer game manufacturer and several companies indicate that Electronic Arts will be sold soon.

The basics in brief

  • Electronic Arts (EA) recently had discussions with several companies.
  • Contacts indicate a potential sale of the video game maker.

. manufacturer the computerand video games, Electronic Arts (EA), recently made contacts with various companies. This may refer to one a discount or on one fusion the company?

Electronic Arts seeks to achieve financial stability

invested in recent years EA A total of five billion dollarTo buy new studios or search for talent. All with the aim of maintaining competition. there FIFA And star Wars Expires next year ¬ęSeek EA Looking for other ways to achieve financial stability.

Discussions with Disney and Apple

Andrew Wilson CEO of EAIts use has been reported Disney And apple I was in touch. This indicates the possibility of a discount from EA or one fusion there.

There is currently no ‘Deal in Business’. whether that sale Come, the future will appear.

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