June 23, 2024

Why would Brown invite McLaren boss to America's second race?

Why would Brown invite McLaren boss to America’s second race?

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Two of Spielberg’s F1 races this year are the result of races being canceled in Canada and Turkey. It remains unclear if all other Grand Prix races in the 2021 season can go ahead as planned. If not, McLaren boss Zak Brown suggests an extra race in the USA.

Formula 1 in Austin: If necessary, Zac Brown will be for the second US Grand Prix


Brown justifies this approach with the growing interest of American fans, which he attributes mainly to the Netflix series “Drive for Survival”. Documentation is “the biggest factor in North America” ​​for expanding the Formula 1 audience there, Brown says.

“Not only did this attract attention, but it also won excited new fans. There were people who had never seen a Formula 1 race before, but now they don’t miss anything else anymore,” he explains. This is a “great” development for the racing series.

“Formula 1 is a great sport, with politics and characters,” Brown says. “I think ‘Driving for Survival’ is a good example of that. It seems to be very well received in the States.”

Brown’s thesis: Austin can sell twice

That’s exactly why he’d want a second American race if a calendar adjustment was necessary. “As far as I know, this is the race [in Austin] run out. So it will likely be sold again. I would definitely support doing an extra race in the States. That can only be good for Formula 1 there.”

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In fact, Formula 1 has already signed another race in the USA for the 2022 season: starting next year, the racing series will be hosted in Miami, where a temporary track is being built around Hard Rock Stadium.

However, the current contract for Circuit of The Americas in Austin expires this year. The USA Grand Prix has been held there since 2012. In 2020, the race has not taken place due to the coronavirus pandemic.