July 13, 2024

Why is the EV charging station business on the rise?

Why is the EV charging station business on the rise?

For many years, the electric vehicle industry has been said to be mostly targeted at niche markets. But, according to automotive experts, the number of EVs produced will jump in the following years, powered by the Covid-19 pandemic, which set back the automotive industry due to lower demand for car purchases. In addition, awareness of climate change has been increasing over the last ten years. As  electric vehicles have become more popular, so has the EV charging station business.

Despite the increased interest in EVs, many drivers still have concerns about the costs of charging an electric vehicle and finding a place nearby to do it. That’s why, at EVCS, we’re committed to offering incentives to increase the EV charging station business. Along with automobiles, there are electric buses, trains, and fire trucks. And, according to industry experts, it won’t be long before we see electric sanitation trucks and electric trucks delivering packages and supplies to other businesses. All of these zero-emission vehicles require conveniently accessible charging stations, which is why we believe that more shops, stores, and businesses will join this green wave.

Earn green by going green

Electric vehicles are better for the environment and prevent climate change from getting worse. Though this is true, people are still reluctant to switch from gas-powered to electric cars. One of the hesitations around purchasing an electric vehicle is the upfront cost, but we’ve got good news: charging an EV is cheaper than filling a regular car’s tank. Another thing that worries car drivers is the challenge of locating an EV charger near them. At EVCS we’re committed to an electric charging station business plan that ensures each electric vehicle user finds a charger near their location.

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We offer to charge up your business! With our plan, you’ll get a recurring revenue stream from every kilowatt (kWh) of electricity sold. Sounds interesting, right? President Biden said that he wanted half of the new cars sold in the US to be EVs by the end of the decade, which will bring more people to find it appealing making the switch from gas-burning to battery-powered. As users make this change, they’ll demand more and more EV chargers, and you can be ahead of the situation with EVCS’s business incentives for EV charging stations.

Our electric charging station business plan not only includes free repairs and maintenance for five years, but you’ll also get:


  • At least ten Level 2 (AC) and/or two Level 3 (DCFC) electric vehicle chargers per site free of charge.
  • No-hassle electrical service upgrades if required for installation.
  • An amenity that’ll certainly attract one of the fastest-growing market segments.
  • Free publicity through the PlugShare mobile app, which allows EV drivers to find you.


Charging an EV battery up to 80% with one of our DCFC chargers takes around 30 minutes. While their electric vehicles are getting charged, people will most likely try to find something else to do, which will certainly lead them to get to know your business. It’s a win-win situation.

Better for your budget, and better for the environment

At EVCS we have a mission: to get even more people to take notice of what’s going on with our planet, and to take part in the change. That is why we’re thinking on how to offer a better electric charging station business plan, so that you, a business owner, understand why it is great to be part of this green tide!

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A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology led a study that confirms that owning an electric car may save drivers money in the long run, compared to the maintenance and filling of a gas-fueled one. Electric engines have fewer parts that can break in comparison to regular ones, plus they don’t require oil changes. All in all, EV users will end up with a better budget.