Why does the computer get a worse version

It will be released in the fall of 2021 FIFA 22 official and bring some innovations. However, the PC version will not have all these features. Now there is a statement about it.

What is the difference? The big new feature promoting FIFA 22 this year is It’s called Hyper Motion..

This is a new technology in which EA recorded the real movements of football players with the help of special suits. This motion capture data now serves as the basis for the outdated animation system in FIFA 22. This should provide a new feel to the game.

The gist of it: While Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and Stadia are getting this new feature, PS4, Xbox One, and PC should be compatible without Hypermotion. But especially with the PC, this caused a lot of misunderstanding. After all, powerful computers can easily cope with high requirements.

Why a PC should work without HyperMotion

This is what the EA says: EA has now commented on the issue in the “PC Gamer” portal. Certain features such as “HyperMotion” or “Immersive Match Day” features are difficult to handle for many PCs: “Bringing HyperMotion technology and Immersive Match Day functionality to the PC would have increased the minimum technical requirements to the fact that part of the large number of players will not be able to play the game”, so the statement (via computer games).

“This has had a huge impact on our PC community that enjoys FIFA every year. Many players could have been excluded or forced to upgrade their PC to play the game.”

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However, the statement explicitly refers to HyperMotion and Immersive Match Day features. Other content and innovations can also be expected on PC: “We look forward to all of our PC gamers experiencing gameplay progress and the innovative new season in FIFA 22” (via computer games).

is this happened before? The fact that the PC should give up one of the biggest new features in comparison to PS5 and Xbox Series X does not suit many players.

And it’s not necessarily a new problem: because in 2020 PC lags behind NextGen consoles.

In FIFA 21 also, the PC version was compatible with PS4 and Xbox One. When FIFA 21 got the NextGen upgradeThere were features such as faster load times, support for touch console features, new chassis models and a new lighting system. In addition, the upgrade brought intense cheers to the audience, an improved hair display and a new camera setup called “Gamecam”. Everything was missing on the computer.

FIFA 22 will be officially released on October 1. Everything you need to know about the new game can be found in our game FIFA 22 Edition Overview.

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