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Why did Patrick Fisher do everything right in the Diaz/Moser case

Why did Patrick Fisher do everything right in the Diaz/Moser case

National team coach Patrick Fischer has resigned, his former captain Rafael Diaz. Photo: Keystone

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National coach Patrick Fischer has put giants and two-time silver champions Rafael Diaz and Simon Moser into international retirement. Excitement is a storm in a teacup. He merely copies Ralph Krueger, his reaction to the “betrayal of Beijing,” and ultimately represents a new leadership force.

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Klaus Zag

The modern era of our national ice hockey team began in the fall of 1997 when Ralph Krueger took office. The open-minded German Canadian will be responsible for selecting the Swiss through to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and lead them to the top of the world during this time.

In the spring of 1998, the World Cup was approaching in Switzerland, and it would be held in Zurich and Basel. Shortly before the tournament, there was a scandal: the new national coach says goodbye to three giants: defender Sven Leuenberger (then 29) must go after 127 caps. Striker Felix Hollenstein, 33, forcibly leaves the international scene after 125 matches. Renato Tosio (34) must clear his place in goal after 183 matches.

Ralph Krueger definitely brought a breath of fresh air to National Hockey.

Ralph Krueger definitely brought a breath of fresh air to National Hockey.Photo: cornerstone

All three were part of the legendary 1992 World Cup semi-final team in Prague. And Felix Hollenstein, as the captain of the team, was the captain of the team in the previous World Cup. Such a parcel: Stillos! Not possible! The World Cup in your country without this trio? Unimaginable! Kloten’s icon, Felix Hollenstein, was not present at the World Cup on his doorstep in Zurich. silly!

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The excitement quickly subsided: the Swiss defeated the Russians for the first time at the World Cup and reached the semi-finals. So Ralph Krueger made the right decision. Sven Leuenberger still remembers this amazing landing well. Renato and Ralph Krueger asked if we could move on the day after the World Cup preparations at Easter. We both just found out that SCB was most likely on the verge of bankruptcy. › Fige29 refused to continue playing in the final third of the match on the international tour in Canada. Because she was so cruel. The Canadians were out in retaliation for the beating they received at the February International in Huttwil… »

This is how Ralph Krueger made his arguments regarding his personnel decisions. “Cowardice” by Felix Hollenstein and “Holiday Wishes” by Sven Leuenberger and Renato Tosio. The background was different: the new, smart and charismatic national coach knew all too well: nothing represented a fresh start and the new coach’s authority so much as saying goodbye to the very big names. He had to come out of the shadow of his legendary predecessor, Simon Schenk. Ralph Krueger wouldn’t have thought of the three at the World Cup even if they didn’t give him a clear reason. It was about showing leadership. From now on everyone knew: Oops, now a different wind blows, and now a different bird whistles.

So far Simone Moser (33) after 121 caps (this is the number according to official federation statistics) and Rafael Diaz (36) after 134 Swiss matches that have been monitored. Two well-thought-out decisions by Patrick Fischer: media resonance and the “shock effect” are guaranteed over a longer period of time during World Cup preparations, which in fact bears little to no sporting risk. For the national coach, it’s about showing more leadership. The performance of some players in the Beijing Olympics (they lost in the quarter-finals to Finland and miserably in the group match against Denmark) was close to betrayal.

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Now Rafael Diaz was not one of those losers. But the captain can no longer dominate the international ice as he did in his prime, helping two World Championship silver teams on the Blue Line. He would still be good enough for the World Cup team, but not good enough to be indispensable.

Patrick Fisher and Rafael Diaz have known each other for a long time.

Patrick Fisher and Rafael Diaz have known each other for a long time.Photo: cornerstone

Simon Moser, a constant attacking star at the 2013 and 2018 World Cups, was a zero-man in Beijing (no goal, no assist) and the SCB captain is now very slow on international assignments. Because he has such a big name, he’s the perfect player for an efficient meek.

Before the 2022 World Cup, Simon Moser and Rafael Diaz were in a similar situation to Renato Tosio, Sven Leuenberger and Felix Hollenstein before the 1998 World Cup winds, and now another bird whistles.

Simon Moser never really participated in the Olympics.

Simon Moser never really participated in the Olympics.Photo: cornerstone

Patrick Fisher did everything right. Now he just has to hope for an effect similar to what happened in the 1998 World Cup. At that time he was there as a player.

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