Why decline follows coronation

Lady MacLaran, coronation in a few days. Which scene do you think could be the most impressive?

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The arrival of Charles III will certainly be particularly spectacular. And be Queen Camilla in Westminster Abbey. In the end, the couple arrived at the cathedral in a carriage, and the ceremony is undoubtedly one of the most important rituals of the British monarchy. The monastery is also an ideal setting for this event.

What associations does this evoke?

The pictures will remind many people of stories from their childhood, of fairy tales like “Cinderella” or “Sleeping Beauty”. The ceremony itself is like a public revue, and with many politicians and dignitaries in attendance, it is also a celebrity parade of sorts. On this day, many Britons will be beaming with pride in the kingdom’s long history, the rituals surrounding it, and the fact that millions and millions of people around the world will be following this historic event, whether on television or online.

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Unlike Cinderella and her prince, Camilla and Charles are in their seventies. Could they still cast such a spell?

The coronation of Camilla and Charles is sure to evoke different feelings in people than, say, Queen Elizabeth II did nearly 70 years ago. It may also be wrong to compare these two events. The Queen was only 27 years old and she was young. Of course, King Charles and Queen Camilla come across a little differently. But I think they will still stir up the mystery that usually surrounds monarchy with a solemn ceremony of coronation with all the rituals and pomp and pageantry.

What role do the young royals play in this context?

They will, of course, attract a lot of attention, most notably William and Catherine. The Princess of Wales is sure to display a certain glamor, despite her naturally reserved nature. It is said time and time again that the royal family loses its charm due to the many internal quarrels. Coronation rituals can help restore this magic.

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Prince Harry arrives at King Charles’ coronation without Meghan

There has long been speculation: Will Prince Harry and his wife come to the coronation of Charles III? It is now clear that Prince Harry will arrive without Meghan.

Speaking of young royals: Prince Harry has announced he’ll be attending the festivities, but without Duchess Meghan. What is your opinion?

I think this decision is an excellent solution for all parties. Because if she had come, the couple would have attracted more attention. Meghan would have risked being attacked by the media. She may have been booed. Harry alone, on the other hand, offers a significantly lower probability of attack. I think the royals will try not to be hostile to him. Harry will likely stay out of the limelight during his visit to London and will not take on any official role. I think it will be a short trip to the UK.

The coronation actually lasts three days.

Yes, I would literally talk about a coronation package that aims to appeal to different segments of the population. The first day, the day of the coronation ceremony, symbolizes the stability and longevity of the monarchy through ritual, through pomp and splendor. So it is particularly about tradition and historical heritage. The glamor and splendor is meant to remind Brits of what they would miss out on if the royals were gone.

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And the second day?

The second day, which ends with a concert, is the day of street parties. Then, especially in London, but also in the rest of the country, citizens come together to celebrate together. This part of the coronation also appeals to those people who, in fact, have no connection with the monarchy, but like to have fun. However, the link will always be the royal family, even if some will surely mock the royals again, for example by wearing masks with their faces. So while coronations are a very private event and the public isn’t really involved, Sunday is a day where everyone gets together. It’s a very inclusive way to celebrate.

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And then the party takes place in the evening.

The concert at Windsor Castle symbolizes, among other things, the desire for diversity. Coronation choirs must include members of several private choirs – eg refugees, members of the LGBTQ+ community or the hearing impaired.

King Charles is said to have made a wish list of his favorite singers for the coronation ceremony. But top-tier artists, whom he would have liked to hear at his concert at Windsor Castle, canceled in droves. What do you think happened there?

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There are already a lot of rumors circulating around the concert. But I think the fact of the matter is that many of the great artists requested by the Palace have already been booked. So it’s not about their refusal, it’s about the planning conditions. Many musicians are hired months, if not years, in advance. In the case of the coronation ceremony, that was of course not possible for understandable reasons.

What makes the third day special?

Monday will be an extra day off. I think this day is especially interesting because it is dedicated to charity. Interested parties can search for projects through the application. It specifically addresses Generation Z, that is, young people born between 1995 and 2010. This generation tends to reject ownership, but at the same time is very interested in doing something for society or the environment. The day therefore provides another opportunity to stress the importance and appropriateness of the royal family to society, albeit in an indirect way. However, it remains to be seen how successful this approach will be.

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What about the future of the monarchy? Does the king’s honeymoon end after the coronation?

Certainly, the first thing people remember of a coronation is the royal magnificence and cultural significance. This effect is likely to last for a while, possibly a few months. But then there is likely to be a decline. Finally, there is a growing republican movement on the island. On the ground, organizations like Republic advocate for a democratically elected head of state and have announced Coronation Day demonstrations.

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What other problems does the monarchy in Great Britain face?

The Commonwealth of Nations faces major challenges for the royal family. Finally, 56 countries, 15 of which were Charles III. As head of state, he is increasingly critical of colonial history – and its consequences. A vivid example of this was William and Catherine’s Caribbean tour of Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas last year. At that time, the couple already wanted to strengthen relations with the Commonwealth. Instead, they faced various protests and claims for compensation for slavery.

And then, of course, there are family problems.

Yes, it seems hard to imagine a reconciliation between Prince Harry and the rest of the family at the moment, also because it’s not entirely clear what the couple is planning next, as is the couple’s official title. For example, there is talk of Duchess Meghan also wanting to publish her autobiography. These are very chaotic circumstances. Then there are the problems in the UK itself. The monarchy is disputed in many parts of the country, especially in Northern Ireland and Scotland. So Charles already sees a lot of clouds on the horizon.

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